Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Twenty-Three Summarize

The program help me learn and understand different sites and programs that are out
on the web. It also help to never give up even when things get difficult. My biggest
program was finding time to work on the program. I did most of my work at home.
Some of projects I was not able to do on my work computer because of the blocks.
I would like to thank the staff that help me to understand some of the programs.

twenty-two NetLibrary

NetLibrary is a great ideal. Historical books put into a netlibrary give the public a
a chance to view books otherwise restricted. Students will be able use these
books for reference and research.
I need practice in using the different sites offered.

Twenty One-Podcast

I created and account with
It is a little confusing to me doing the downloads. I was not able get
any of my downloads to transfer to my blog post.
I did download this trailer into a sweeneytodd podcast along with shirleyhenry. I just
could not figure how to get them to work.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Twenty Thing YouTube Akaka Falls Hawaii

I love to travel. I hope to visit
Akaka Falls Hawaii one day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nineteen Thing Explore a site Web 2.0 Award list

I explore Vangogh 99 rank no. 10. It is an online business blog. It provides information on
web design, web design articles. Designing with C.R.A.P. by Steven Bradley. This site
has information on how do you decide where to place elements on the page ? What colors
should you use? This site offers so much information on getting a web page start for
small business. I really enjoyed this site. I would recommend it to the public to review the

Eighteen Thing Online Productivity

Great!!! I signed up for a Zoho writer. Sent a e-mail to Jennifer. There is a lot I have to learn
about the account. This was my first try. The zoho writer is a good procedure for office

Seventeen Thing Sandbox

Great!!! I was able to link my blog to marylandlibrariessandbox wiki. Then I pulled up my